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Slide background You are so close to start your noble deeds Connect with us !!
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There are lot of weak hands with strong dreams

waiting to start their journey...

why not give them a kick start

Slide background He doesnt ask for Video games, Mobile phone or laptop,

but just education.

Cant we help to provide that ? - We can !
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SKSS is a leading global talent development organization spreading all over Rajasthan. SKSS is a registered non-profit non-governmental organization established in the year 2008.

SKSS is a non-profit entity with focus on bridging the gap between Education and social change. It was founded on the belief that there is considerable gap of the education that should be available to every child it can serve.

SKSS is a Hindi word, and means “HELP EVERY ONE”. We believe in people, in their abilities, strengths and knowledge. SKSS believes that these capabilities are being suppressed by the dominant forces, and the result is that people themselves don’t recognize their inherent capabilities.

The founder members have good working experience in the field of education and social development.
The work area of SKSS has been primarily Rajasthan, but the national issues and larger forces and policies affect the conditions in Rajasthan, and at the local level.

SKSS always has made an attempt to ensure the Right to Justice, Peace, and Development.
The SKSS feels that the role of the NGO is to strengthen the citizens to become aware of their rights, their responsibilities and the government’s responsibilities, and together, to make the mass resources of the government available to the masses. Awareness about and use of laws is also a role of NGOs. There are number of NGOs and Organizations that provide support to India. The area of support includes Police, Government Agencies, Support Groups, Individuals, Education & Training, Shelter, Employment, Health, Child Abuse Prevention, Awareness programs, etc.
We at SKSS are trying to solve this problem and want to build a Verified Database of these Helplines and NGOs.